Revue de l’actu Android pro du 20 mai 2012

  1. WireframeSketcher: Touch Gestures graphics
  2. Java Code Geeks: Android: Facebook’s Notification Widget
  3. Google TV
    1. Google TV blog: Our Google TV & Sony Meetup: A Night of Fun, Excitement, And Hangouts On Air
    2. Styling Android: Google TV – Part 3
    3. Android UI Patterns: Design Approach for Google TV
  4. Bill Lahti: Horizontal Scrolling Pages of Images in Android
  5. Droid-blog: How to add attributes to your custom View
  6. Monétisation:
    1. Droid-blog: Android Income Report #12: April 12
    2. Making money with Android: Android Income Report #8 (November 2011)
  7. Wires are obsolete: TextView Inner Shadows with EmbossMaskFilter
  8. #AndroidDev Weekly: Be up to date about #androiddev. Weekly Issue 7 – 14 May 2012 
  9. Arduino:
    1. Tellart: Controlling arduino with Android : article + guide
    2. Marc Tan: Heart Rate Monitor Using Android and Arduino
  10. Générer vos drawable en différentes densités avec SVG Asset Generator ou Android img resizer
  11. Jake Wharton: Présentation « Writing Agile APKs » à la conférence californienne AnDevCon avec ActionBarSherlockNineOldAndroidsHanselAndGretelViewPagerIndicator (Code and Keynote slides) (Web-based slides)
  12. Droid-blog: Two simple ways to make your users aware of incorrect input
  13. STAND (akquinet Stack for Android Development): plateforme de développement d’applications Android
  14. OpenSignalMaps – Android Fragmentation Visualized
  15. Training Reverse-engineering of Android applications and malwares at Hack In Paris
  16. Talk Bypassing the Android permission model at Hack In Paris
  17. Android Tools:
    1. New Configuration Chooser in the Layout Editor
    2. Improved Layout Editor Windowing
  18. Google I/O:
    1. planning des sessions android
    2. Soirée développeurs Android francophone la veille du Google I/O
  19. Aleksandar Gargenta & Marko Gargenta: Slide Android DNA at AnDevCon. Use < > to move through the deck, ‘m’ for menu.
  20. Orange Partner: discover the NFC opportunities! Workshops in South France on June 4th & 5th
  21. Android 9 patch: android 9 patch – video tutorial 2 [Photoshop][HD]
  22. Android Developer Office Hours – Amerique – 16 mai 2012
  23. Android Developer Office Hours – Asie – 16 mai 2012
  24. Google TV Developer Relations Office Hours