Revue de l’actu Android Pro du 22 juillet 2012

  1. Android Police: Getting To Know Android 4.1, Part 3: Project Butter – How It Works And What It Added
  2. Mobile tuts+: Capture and Crop an Image with the Device Camera
  3. Android + Arduino: Connecting Android to Arduino Using Bluetooth
  4. Java Code Geeks: Android Performance Tweaking: SparseArray Versus Hashmap
  5. code zen: Capturing Bitmaps of Views in Android
  6. ServicesMobiles: Pour la 1er fois les parts d’impressions publicitaires mobiles d’Android dépassent celles d’iOS
  7. Sony Developer World: What’s the value of an app?
  8. Sony Developer World: App Promo tip #3: App store marketing
  9. Sony Developer World: App Promo tip #4: Reach out to press and bloggers
  10. Sony Developer World: App Promo tip #5: Raise your rank through search engine marketing and optimisation
  11. Android Developers G+: Nexus 7 Developer Pro tip
  12. Maksim Golivkin : Fast track to Android design
  13. Xavier Ducrohet  : Android Tools v20.0.1 sorti
  14. Android quizz. What is your score?
  15. Tutos-android: ActionBar sous Android (Partie 2)
  16. FrAndroid: DevSharing #12
  17. Styling Android: Maven and Android – Part 5
  18. Taylor Ling on Android UX/UI: avoid this UX mistake in Play Store App at all costs
  19. 18/07/2012 Android Office Hours – Euro Timezone 
  20. 18/07/2012 Android Developer Office Hours – America 
  21. 18/07/2012 Android APAC Developer Office Hours 
  22. MarakanaTechTV: Android for Enterprise: Does it fit the bill?
  23. MarakanaTechTV: Debugging & Testing Your Android Applications
  24. MarakanaTechTV: Android Development Fundamentals: What I wish I knew when I started